Het verzamelen van fietsen

De belangrijkste activiteit in Nederland is …


The most important activity on the Dutch side is to collect as many well functioning bicycles and prepare them for shipment.

Bicycles may be received bulk donations by municipalities or corporate donors, or through bike collection drives organised by our volunteers.

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is our first major donor.   A selection of  good ‘orphaned bicycles’ is set apart  until there are enough to fill a 40-foot container.   Orphaned bicycles are those bicycles that have been left haphazardly parked on the streets of Amsterdam for longer periods and constitute a problem for others.  The City of Amsterdam, like most cities the Netherlands have been forced to make detailed local legislation to curb the trouble caused by the excessive number of bicycles left on the streets.   Illegally parked bicycles are collected by city workers and brought to a central depot where they can be reclaimed by the owners.  Our bicycles represent a section of the non-claimed bikes that the City earmarks to support employment creation projects in the third world.

Other towns and cities can become members of this solidarity network and provide orphaned bikes for shipment.

Corporate partners, be they bicycle retailers of major manufacturers, are able to directly appeal to Dutch bicycle buyers and make them offers of a reduced purchase price provided they donate their old bike to the foundation.

Volunteer groups may organise a bike collection drive.  The foundation can provide resource material to make such drives a success.


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