Training en het promoten van veilig fietsen

Our partner organisation Bikes for Zim is responsible for the selection, training and providing tools to local bicycle repair persons.

Zimbabwe has a wide network of individual road-side bicycle-part-vendors and repairmen (they are almost always men!).  Our partners will select trainers from among them and will assist local NGOs with selecting the person (also women!) to be trained as repair people.

With the assistance other partners, road safety course and awareness is promoted.   Although bicycle are really coveted items in most households, the use of them on the public roads is fraught with dangers.  Cyclists have to share main roads with often quite inconsiderate car users.  The many well-laid cycle tracks of Harare have come to state of serious neglect and most of them are now used as foot paths while cyclist have to use the main roads.   Many accidents involving cyclists occur at night and only rarely are cyclist clearly visible at night by effective lighting.

It’s our aim to eventually ship and disburse every bicycle, with the following accessories:

1. an email address of the donor (where available),

2.  a leaflet promoting safe road use practice,

3.  a LED light for night use.

Promotion of safe bicycle use will be further promoted by upgrading cycle tracks and facilities for bike users in general.   To this end a special programme will be launched with the local authorities.


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