Community Partners

IMBA International Our most recent partner has a Dutch and Zimbabwe office, empowering orphans and vulnerable children through training, sports and income generation projects in Seke rural in Zimbabwe.

Young Africa of the very successful  ‘Social Entrepreneurs’ Dorien Beurskens and Raj Joseph.  Their vocational training programme started in Zimbabwe.   Their training and coordinating hub is presently in Harare, but the activities of YA have expanded, through a franchising approach, throughout Southern Africa.   Their support base is in Apeldoorn from where fundraising and public relations are coordinated.

Coop-Africa, was started as a project that saw the need of bicycle use promotion in Uganda and Kenya and that has built up a broad support base in the Netherlands.   They organise a wide range of activities for education, health and employment creation, but they focus on the introduction of new bicycles.

We hope to engage a growing number of community partners that can organise bike collection drives and assist with the preparing of shipments.   The organisations that will be approached can be church or service club related, they can be scouts clubs, schools or solidarity movements.


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